Sleeping Sun

So I met this girl. At first glance she looked like any other meal, and she would be my meal. The funny thing is, I didn't kill her. Instead we struck a deal, a very stupid deal. I would find her mother and her brother and in exchange she would find out my name. Tch, like she could do anything of value. Most of the time she's so annoying that I want to rip her head off. She gets in the way, follows me around like a stalker, and gives me things...yeah I don't know what to make of it.

So I'm going to find her damn family and then drain her dry. What? C'mon I'm a vampire dammit! Did you expect anything less?

Sleeping Sun Cover

Handmade thanks to photoshop, this is my Sleeping Sun cover! Featured in this cover is: Keira Knightley as Huntress, Allison Mack as Lesley, and yummy Cam Gigandet as Cadeyrn. The background is a simple sunset, and at the bottom is downtown Seattle.

The Music

Sleeping Sun Trailer