It's the Little Things that mean the Most

This page is here to talk about the little stuff. The small details that get looked over or stomped on by the bigger names and such. Have fun! I've got lots a fun lil toys to share with you all.

Location, Location, Location

The Unlikely Duo trilogy takes place in a REAL city and also at REAL schools and various other places. Here I'll give you some small pictures to what the real deal looks like. Enjoy!

Seattle, Washington

Yes there is such a city. Seattle is located within the state of Washington. It is quite rainy there and is home to the famous Needle building. Most of Sleeping Sun takes place here. I suggest going to Seattle, it's a fun city.

Seattle University

Seattle University is a school located within the city of Seattle. Lesley attends this school and lives on campus in one of the dorm buildings. I, myself, have not toured this university so I cannot tell you much about it.

Hollywood, California

Ah, who doesn't know of famous Hollywood! This fun place was Huntress's original goal to reach before she met Lesley. Huntress eventually gets to Hollywood and spends nine months there, celebrating. Huntress never goes back after that.


There are various characters that use "signature weapons" to defeat personal enemies throughout the entire trilogy. Here I'll post pictures of what they look like. Enjoy!  

Lesley's Stakes

Ah, I can't recall a vampire story without stakes. Stakes are a commonly used weapon in defeating vampires. Many "idiotic" humans use wooden stakes throughout the trilogy but without proper training and strategy, a stake is useless against any undead. Lesley uses stakes to kill various vampires after being trained by Huntress. Don't mess with Huntress's lil' sidekick!

Tyler's Throwing Knives

Tyler's signature weapon are throwing knives. He keeps many on him at all times. He has wicked aim and can kill foolish vampires in a flash, having spent decades training with throwing knvies to know how to hit the heart.

Lois's Twin Berettas

Lois's signature weapon are two twin black Berettas. Lois is always armed with both guns just in case of an attack. Lois has very good aim and can put a bullet into a heart of any vampire. Lois also has a seemingly endless supply of ammo hidden on her person.

Harper's Whip

Harper's signature weapon is a long black whip. Harper also carries her weapon around, usually looping it around her waist like a belt. Harper is trained to handle a whip with perfection by Lois after Harper agreed to join The Guards of Brennus.

Cole's Grenades

Cole's signature weapon is his own supply of grenades. He uses these whenever a group of vampires attack or he's in trouble and needs a quick escape. Cole has different types of grenades, each causing a lot of damage to his opponent. Blinding Light Grenade: releases a deadly white flash of light that can burn your eyes out if you don't close your eyes in time or wear sunglasses. Plain Ole' Explosive: explodes and you don't wanna be around when it goes boom! DBA: (Death by Arrows), when exploding sends out thousands of very sharp small arrows that can strike and kill a vampire if it pierces thier hearts.  


What inspired you to write Sleeping Sun?

Pure boredom to be completely honest. I was just coming off of finishing up my previous long series with my friendly co-writer when this idea hit me. I was in the mood to write something that was "hard-core vampiric". I didn't want any fluffiness. So I wrote about Huntress, and Lesley just happened to weasel her way into Huntress's life and before I knew it, I had two huge characters with even bigger backgrounds demanding to be written. So i wrote...and wrote...and well, I'm still writing.

Why Seattle?

Why not Seattle? I'll be honest and say my choice on setting had nothing to do with the Twilight series by Miss. Meyers. I chose Seattle because I wanted to place the story in a city. I have a favorite show called Dark Angel and the show took place in Seattle. I guess that drove me into deciding on Seattle over everything else. Plus I love the Needle!  

I see that the Rebel Guards have weapons to help them fight. What is Huntress's signature weapon?

Huntress does not have a signature weapon. Now that doesn't mean she doesn't use weapons when in battle, because she does. Huntress tends to lean towards brute strength then anything else. The Rebel Guards and Lesley have their own weapons because that it what they lean towards when in battle. Any vampire can kill another vampire with just their hands but either punching a hole in their chest (yuck) or dismembering the body.  

Why only a trilogy?

Because I say so. Just kidding! The Unlikely Duo trilogy is what the title says: a trilogy. Huntress and Lesley are the two main characters in the trilogy while everyone else is a side character. Now does that means the entire story is over? No. I have a short story focusing solely on the Rebel Guards in the works along with a prequel. These other stories tend to leave out Huntress and Lesley.  

Will you post any of your stories on this site?

No. I have provided links to direct you to the places where my stories are located at. This site is purely a promotional website to get readers attention and to show off whatever I can of the trilogy.

How can I contact you?

I am a user on the Goodreads site. The link on the homepage will take you to my stories along with my page. I'm also on Booksie under the username Insanityfirst. Also if you comment on my blog I will respond to you. So if you have any other questions feel free to ask!