Characters Make the World Go Round 


Meet Huntress. She is a vampire without a name. Turned by her sire Cadeyrn a decade ago, she has forgotten all her human memories. Huntress lives every night hunting and ignoring the other vampires who tease her about every wrong thing that has happened to her. Huntress moves about and while in Seattle, meets a young human named Lesley. While Huntress finds Lesley quite annoying she agrees to help find her mother and brother. But Huntress never passes up a good meal...

Lesley Hale

Lesley Hale is just your normal college kid with a few dark secrets. Lesley is a student at Seattle University where she meets a nameless vampire after trying to steal a part of her motorcycle to sell for cash. She escapes death by striking up a deal with Huntress. She asks Huntress to find her mother and brother who were kidnapped by a vampire when she was eight. Huntress agrees and Lesley decides to figure out who Huntress really is. Lesley nicknames her new vampiric friend Huntress.

Signature Weapon: Wooden Stakes, lots of 'em!


Cadeyrn is Huntress's sire. His age old status makes him untouchable. He wants Huntress to return to him and sends her notes and pictures which only angers Huntress. Cadeyrn has many followers who keep track of Huntress and report back to him. But Huntress isn't the only woman Cadeyrn has tortured.


Brennus is Cadeyrn's right hand man. He does the dirty work so Cadeyrn doesn't have to. Brennus follows Huntress around wherever she goes. Brennus was sent to Seattle on Cadeyrn's orders to clean up a mess. Brennus constantly tries to persuade Huntress to return to Cadeyrn but fails every time.


Meet the Scottish vampire Malcolm! Malcolm is loyal to both Cadeyrn and Brennus. He is usually found with his buddy Nanuk, and is quite a talker. Malcolm wants Huntress for himself and tries to charm her every chance he gets, but Huntress finds him disgusting. Malcolm now is using the knowledge of Huntress's human years to get what he wants.


A silent predator, Nanuk is a friend to Malcolm and a loyal servant of Brennus. In his human years he was a fearless Indian who protected his tribe from outside dangers. Nanuk is a skilled archer, and perfers to hunt that way: a bow and arrow instead of his fangs. Nanuk doesn't talk much but never disobeys Brennus. He is usually found hunting with his friend Malcolm. Nanuk doesn't care much about Huntress.

Detective Oliver Kent

Oliver Kent is a no-nonsense detective sent to investigate two murders. While interviewing Lesley he meets Huntress who only annoys him more by giving him vague answers. Oliver suspects that Huntress is a killer and wants to catch her. Huntress finds Oliver amusing and fun to toy with. Oliver is determined to catch Huntress no matter what.

Kevin Hale

Kevin is Lesley's older brother. He is the only other person who believed Lesley's story about a vampire kidnapping their mother. When Kevin graduated high school he left to find his stolen mother. Five months later he calls Lesley to warn her about the threat vampires pose when the line goes dead and is never seen again. Lesley fears the worst while Huntress believes that Kevin may still be alive.

The "Lazy-Ass" Vampire

This bad boy showed up one night to collect some easy blood when Huntress and Lesley crash the party. His wannabe cult is destoryed and the "King" isn't very happy.

Moon's Red Glow

(these characters make their appearence in the sequel)

Please Read!!! If you haven't finished Sleeping Sun don't read the characters below for they contain spoilers.


Tyler was once the second in command of the Guards. He was on his way to becoming captain when Captain Steven Winters was killed by Kevin Hale. Yet when his close friend Lois betrays the Guards and runs away with Kevin his loyalities are tested. In the end Tyler assists Lois and leaves the Guard to become the leader of the Rebel Guards. Everyone looks up to Tyler. He is a natural born leader and fights for what he believes in. Tyler feels threatened when Huntress arrives and tries his best to keep everyone he cares about far away from her.

Signature Weapon: Throwing Knives


Lois was once one of the best Guards there could ever be. She trusted Brennus like a father while enjoying a very close relationship with her best friend Tyler. Before Kevin, Lois saved a young woman by the name of Harper from a grim fate. Harper is Lois's turned offspring and both are very close. Yet when Kevin Hale is captured and imprisoned by Brennus, sparks fly. Kevin tells Lois about Brennus's real plans that forced Lois to help Kevin get his revenge. Now Lois fights in Kevin's name and wants nothing more then to destory Brennus, her once most trusted ally.

Signature Weapon: Two Black Berettas  


Harper was once the daughter of a local mafia boss when fate took a cruel turn. On a date she is stabbed and left to die. Yet Harper is rescued by Lois and is turned into a vampire. Harper has since spent her new life training to be the best Guard ever. She looks up to Lois and obeys all her orders without question, yet she dislikes Brennus. When Lois betrays the Guards to help Kevin Harper joins her. Harper tends to stick near Lois. Harper, unlike Huntress, remembers her human life very clearly. Harper is the first to fully trust Huntress for some strange odd reason

Signature Weapon: Whip


Cole was once a hard core military soldier in World War II before he was turned into a vampire by Brennus. Cole is a no-nosense kind of guy who loves beating people up just for the heck of it. When Lois betrays the Guard Cole is put in charge to find and kill both Lois and Kevin. Eventually Lois manages to win him over and he is now working with the others to undermine Brennus. Cole thinks that Huntress is reckless and stupid. He doesn't like her or humans period. He often dreams about killing the whole lot and becoming World Dictator.

Signature Weapon: Grenades

William "Billy" Guevera

Billy Guevera is the son of a wealthy family. During the time when Huntress is in Hollywood he meets Lesley Hale and they both fall in love. When Huntress arrives Billy feels nothing but jealousy and hate for the woman. He is not told that Huntress is a vampire. Billy suspects that Huntress is more then just friendly with Lesley and will do anything to get rid of Huntress for good.

Todd Collins

Todd Collins is Huntress's father. She meets him at a party where she explains where she has be the last ten years, leaving out all the vampiric stuff. Todd is overjoyed that he has found his daughter. Todd is partners with Billy to help their "boss" create a cure that can kill off various deadly viruses and keep the human race strong.


Tobias is a Guard. Huntress first meets him after he captures her and brings her to Brennus. Yet his evil nature is only an illusion as Huntress finds out that Tobias is secretly working against Brennus and that he was the Guard who mixed up the babies when Cadeyrn wished to kill Victoria. Tobias has secretly been keeping the Hale family safe the best he can but he knows that he cannot keep fighting forever.