Moon's Red Glow

You know, I really didn't care before in the beginning. I mean, look at everything I had done! My Sire is finally dead, I actually know my name, my memories don't seem so bizarre, and Lesley...she's still the same ole' annoying human I've come to know and love. So when those damn Guard vampires came crashing in on my personal freedom celebration party, well I got a little pissed. So what's a pissed vampire gonna do when your favorite sidekick is in danger from a creepy Romeo stalker? That's right, I'm gonna take a few heads.

Only...there's something I didn't exactly factor in. Lesley is getting married! What the f----!

Moon's Red Glow cover

This is my handmade cover for Moon's Red Glow. Featured is Keria Knightly as Huntress, Allison Mack as Lesley Hale, and Morgan Freeman as Brennus. The background is a picture of a red cloudy sky and a bright red moon.

The Music

Trailer for Moon's Red Glow!