Evening Star

Okay...all the bad vampires are dead. I kicked major ass and lost a hand in the process. But I survived and Brennus was now headless like Cadeyrn. Lesley and I are together, Billy is dead, and the surviving Rebels are now part of our odd family. Searching for a cure for my beloved sidekick couldn't be more fun since she refuses to stay behind. So what on earth could go wrong?

Well...apparently Billy isn't dead and he's about to make my life a living hell...no joke. The humans are now pissed at vampires and I can't blame them. I love killing 'em but now I'm the one being hunted. And to top everything off if I want to cure my sidekick I have to lose her in the process.

Since when did being a vampire become this hard? The final battle is coming and I swear we're not going to live through this massacre.

Evening Star Cover

Handmade cover. Enjoy!

The Music (coming soon!)

Trailer (coming soon!)