I feel Good... 05/15/2009

Happy Friday everyone! So I'm stopping by to inform everyone about the small changes in the site. First: i managed to upload all of Sleeping Sun to both links so head on over to the Home page and select a link and enjoy! I'm loving all the wonderful comments you guys are leaving me.

Second: page updates. As mentioned above the Home page links are finally done, all the chapters there. Enjoy. Also, I put up the cover for Moon's Red Glow. Check it out. I'm still very proud of my cover making skills, even if they aren't the best. Also, the Character page has been updated. A new character has been added to the list. I also put in a little note telling all my readers of the possible spoilers in some character bios. I will tell you this now so i don't get grief about it later: If you haven't finished Sleeping Sun and don't wanna be spoiled, stick to reading the character bios above the MRG (the sequel) ones.

In the future I will be adding pictures of fancy dresses the characters wear, along with the trailer for Moon's Red Glow.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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