'Ello Again! 05/04/2009

Hello dear humans and readers alike! Tonight I've decided to update my website for my awesome new trilogy. Yes I've decided, it will be a trilogy. But there won't just be three stories. Okay lemme explain...

The Unlikely Duo trilogy will consist of three long novels devoted to Huntress and Lesley (the main characters). Now on the side I am also working on the prequel to Sleeping Sun which will have very little to do with Huntress and a ton more to do with all the other characters. Also, you'll note that in the end of Sleeping Sun I left a lil gift, something called the fifth chapter of The Guards of Brennus. Wondering what that is?

The Guards of Brennus will act as a short story novella where it focuses on the Rebel Guards and tells their story. It features mainly: Tyler, Lois, Kevin, Harper, Cole, Brennus, and a few other side characters who don't make it into the Unlikely Duo trilogy.

So don't fret, while The Unlikely Duo will last for only three novels (it is certain because I have the entire overall plot roughly mapped out) many other little stories will appear to help fill in holes that I purposely left. Hehe, I'm evil!

Also, I've added a new page called Moon's Red Glow. It's the offical page for book number 2 in the trilogy. Hurrah! I've made it this far! There you'll find the title, a summary of what's the come, the music that I'm always adding to, and the upcoming cover and trailer.

Along with that I updated one of my favorite pages: the Characters page. I added the whole Rebel Guard group. Check 'em out and read the little bios. I'll be updating again with their signature weapons once I figure out Cole's and Tyler's.

Well that's about it. Keep on reading! Good evening!  



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