Good evening readers! Great news! I finished Moon's Red Glow. It's up on either Goodreads or Booksie. Feel free to read and comment. I love it when you comment and I always respond to everybody.

I added the third and final book page to the site: Evening Star. Not much besides the title and the summary are posted but expect more stuff to pop up in the near future. Like I mentioned eariler, the Unlikely Dup is a trilogy so this is the last book told through Huntress's POV and it will wrap up all the problems my favorite dup are facing. Expect awesomeness and a lot of vampiric action!

Plus I have a tiny surprise for all the Unlikely Dup fans. The sweet surprise will be posted in the near future as well. I'm working so hard on it and it must be perfect before it can be released to readers.

Oh, a quick note. If you wish to read more stuff by me go over to my page on Booksie. I have a poem, and I will be posting a whole new short novel based on whole new characters. You can thank Scarlett Moon for the inspriation. Take care everyone!